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Love and WhatsApp Can Work Together with Status Messages

If we label WhatsApp as a youngster’s paradise it won’t be wrong, because if we dig deeper we will come to know that amongst 850 million WhatsApp users most of them are teenagers. And this hefty fraction of youngsters registered in this globally popular communication category smart phone app makes use of it for making contact free of charge with any other registered users on this plat from as well as remain constantly in touch with people they want. These people are mostly special ones with which youngsters like to share everything about their life – they are commonly known as lovers.

Whatsapp Status about Love
When the angels ask what I most loved about life, I’ll say you.
Never trust your heart because it’s on the right side
If I had flower for every time you made me smile & laugh I’d have a garden to walk in forever.
Your cute smile is all I need to battle all struggles in my life.
I was looking for someone that can improve my life, but then I met you and found my life in you which were already perfect.

WhatsApp inception has emerged as a blessing for lovers it his era, because it allows them to remain in touch with people have a special place in their life. For that they only require having Smartphone with WhatsApp install and can contact any other WhatsApp users via internet. Furthermore, the other aiding feature being taped recently to put across your feelings in front of other people has via WhatsApp love status messages.

This option provides people who are in love with some to share whatever in their mind is in the shape of instant message or through posting an appropriate status message. The helpful thing is this regard has evolved as the various online websites maintain hefty collection status message of various categories including love status message. So, any Whatsapp users can browse through these websites and find remarkably written unique love status message to be later posted on its WhatsApp profile. These online available resources of status messages are also updated time to time with new status messages - so that users could come across fresh ones in the midst of old archives.

Therefore, on the point we are emphasizing upon here is that WhatsApp status message has become an aiding thing like the whole WhatsApp application for youngsters to nurture their love aptly. Moreover, Whatapp can also help to bridge the gap between lots of relation including love relationships occurred because of any reason. As, it provides an opportunity to elaborate your point of view regarding anything in detail to another user for amending the misunderstandings that have piled up between people – making use of WhatApp voice calls, instant messaging and status message can also become an aid.

Thus, we can say that WhatsApp nowadays helping lovers to share their thoughts utterly and solve differences as well if they ever pile up between people who are in committed relationships – most importantly all this for free.

Being Happy is not a tough asking now, have you utilized Funny Status for WhatsApp

In this current day and age in which we are living where is too much fuss amongst each other to earn more has a better lifestyle – being happy has become tough. Because of this materialistic race no one seems to have time to have some candid time to relax and spend good time with family and friends. Nevertheless, some good things have also happened in this modern age all thanks to technological advancements. Now we see that with every passing day a new gadget or Smartphone app is being developed by developers to provide its users a change to experience something unique. Take the example of the most popular communication app of our time, yes you guessed it right it none other than WhatsApp.

This Smartphone app, which is now available for all mobile platforms has become the most widely used Smartphone app, which people utilize to contact other registered users. Moreover, with time the app has got many updates and now has to offer, many persuading features for its users like file sharing, free voice calling, group chat and option to set status message on their profiles. So, the app now furnishes its user a chance to have a good time while having instant chat over WhatsApp - no matter wherever they are. This has made possible because of immense penetration of Smartphone’s in recent few years, this is why see that now every other person caries a Smartphone and make use of bundle of utility app and one of the core on is WhatsApp. This app has emerged as a Smartphone app that provides leverage to make contact with any other users at anytime from anywhere, and also lets users post funny WhatsApp status messages as well for changing mood.

The app has now become a source of providing users chance to sit back and relax and spear some time from their busy life and have a chit chat with people have importance in their life. It’s easy to find almost anyone on WhatsApp because, now days more than 850 million Smartphone users from all across the world is registered with this app. Not only WhatsApp provides option to send and receive instant messages, free voice calls, files sharing, but also offer additional features like posting status messages on your profile as per user’s consent. This is most aiding features if you want to enlighten other contacts regarding your frame of mind or mood – when you are online.

So, make use if you want to remain constantly in good mood as well as want your contacts to become happy after reading your set incredibly funny status message of your profile.